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NorthWest Juice Company was dreamt up in March of 2015 and opened itself to online sales in June, just three months later. Our story: I (Ian) founded NorthWest Juice Company because my brother and I needed something we could be passionate about while we're both in school. We had a conversation about what we should do and decided that manufacturing E-liquids would give our lives some extra flavor. After researching for about a week I started experimenting on my own in my bedroom with some VG, PG, Flavor, and Nicotine. It took me about a month to develop the first flavor I had great feedback from (Sasquatch) and from there confidence was gained that the company could become something amazing. From that point out, a ton of work was put in to get everything in place for mixing bigger batches of JOOOS. My brother (Austin) and I experimented a lot more and came up with three additional flavors (Pineapple Punch (now Pineapple Punk), Walt, and Orangutang). We currently have a clean room which our father built with us and all of the equipment necessary to produce E-liquid in a sanitary fashion. If you ever have any questions feel free to send us an email: ask@nwjuice.com The website you are currently viewing is our fifth version (much better than all predecessors). When we are able to hire a professional to remodel our site we will do so, but for now this is our best offering.

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